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Level 1 focus is on learning the basics of Bachata Sensual. You will learn different sequences and essential techniques such as frame, tension, pace, etc.



No prior knowledge


During level 2, we work with similar tours as in level 1. However, here the focus is on creating longer sequences and transitions between them.



  • You must have an understanding of bachata sensual

  • You must have an understanding of what the terms frame and tension are.

  • You must have danced a few times socially


Level 3 focus is on developing tours and skills in musicality, frame and tension. The rides get more complex which challenges your basics.




  • Danced at least 6 months

  • Has an understanding of waves, isolation, tension and frame.

  • Have danced some social dancing.


This level we will challenge you understanding of the dance with the help of different tours exercises, We will also challenge you in the course of the music for example the different instruments.  



  • Has danced for at least 1 year 

  • Has a good understanding of waves, insulation, tension and frame

  • Has an understanding of head movement 


Level 5 is our latest course. There will be limited places on the course. Here we will go through Bachata Sensual on a deeper level. The purpose is to develop your dance as needed. 

What we will work on:

  • Micro-movements

  • Advanced for/tracking

  • Musicality

  • Sequences 


  • Have a good understanding of the basics of Bachata Sensual

  • Have good knowledge of the basics of Bachata Sensual

  • Wanting to be challenged

  • Be motivated

  • Be warmed up and ready before class starts

  • Practice on the tours to the next lesson

  • fixt couples!! We will not rotate 

Limited to MAX 10 pairs

To apply to level 5, you need to do the following:

  • Make a pre-registration 

  • Send a video of dancing to

  • Mikael & Irina assesses whether you can join the group 

  • You will be invited to a whatsapp group

The last day of registration is September 5th!


At Salsa level one you will learn the basics of salsa, you will learn both partner techniques and footwork


  • No prior knowledge is needed

Special Deals

Former students from last semester.

  • 15% Discount


  • 15% Discount

Register as a couple (a leader and a follower). Note! Must register for the same course(s)

  • 20% Discount

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